Cheryl law

L O C A T I O N : Melbourne, Australia


Wanderer at heart ;

This Instagram / blogging / photography) journey all started out as something inconsequential that would come to mean something significant to MY JOURNEY. That's what this is really ; a journey of self-discovery, a willingness to go wherever the road may lead. There have been many laughs and smiles along the way - but if we're being realistic, there have been just as many utterly frustrating pull-your-hair-out moments that come with trying to get "the perfect shot". 


Style. Aesthetic. Composition. Influence. 

Love Lawstore ;

Is the edit to bring daily inspiration in the way of flat lays and photography with distinctive style. It's a channel for creative exploration of aesthetics and composition through the lens of an Olympus OMD-EM1. It's a love for the influence of inspiration through a curated beautiful life.

It's incredible where life will take you if you have a little faith.

l o v e lawstore xx





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