No meal is complete without dessert.

Says the girl with the major sweet tooth. 

It's no secret that I place priority on desserts over savoury food; I was just a tad excited to host the launch party of Yo-Chi's Winter Creations menu with some of Melbourne's ultra creative influencers.

Yo-Chi frozen yoghurt cafes have impressive woodsy interiors, the kind that invite you to come in out of the cold to get your supply of much needed yum in a cup. This winter, Yo-Chi have taken the froyo (frozen-yoghurt) game to a whole new level by introducing an inspired seasonal menu of curated desserts. With froyo as the foundation, Yo-Chi have designed creations to excite, inspire and promote the locals (including top-notch Melbourne brands; Clark St Roasters, The Original Cone Co., and Monsieur Truffe).


To tempt...

LAVA 'NOTHER ; dark chocolate and raspberry molten cake, vanilla froyo,  raspberry coulis, chocolate soil & fresh strawberries

WAFFLE ON ; Yo-Chi egg waffle, coconut froyo, banana, chocolate peanut Ready Set Yo, Cornflake crunch & maple syrup

MONSIEUR TRUFFE ; Monsieur Truffe hot chocolate with a classic vanilla toasted marshmallow

This season, I can't get enough of thick and creamy hot chocolate. This hug mug of Monsiuer Truffe did so much good for my soul that frosty day.

love, lawstore xx