a night to remeMBER ; WE WILL ROCK YOU

This post was brought to you by Nuffnang and We Will Rock You .

The world of theatre has a way of bringing out a magical quality in the atmosphere. It’s the sense of anticipation, the tradition of immersing oneself in arts and culture. Most importantly, it’s the opportunity to embrace an all-consuming experience.

With the musical We Will Rock You in town, I took the opportunity to curate the perfect “Melbourne night out”.

First stop, food. Dinner at Entrecôte, a Parisian steakhouse in the heart of Melbourne CBD, is the perfect setting for a pre-musical dinner. With its dim lighting and French bistro décor, you begin to transport yourself to a place of refined arts and a quiet intimacy. In this setting, conversation with my dinner partner naturally turned to the event before us. We reminisced memories of Queen’s musical hits; who could forget the all-mighty ‘We are the Champions’ anthem of the Mighty Ducks?

Come show time, we strolled just a couple blocks to the majestic Regent Theatre. Arriving at the buzzing grand entrance, you could feel the energy in the air as hundreds of people made their way to their seats, anxious to not miss a moment.

So what is We Will Rock You, the worldwide smash hit musical by Queen and Ben Elton, actually about?

Prior to this performance, I had no background on the storyline so it was a night of absolute discovery (and laughs, so many laughs). Being someone who loves music and can’t get through the day without tunes as well as being a highly visual creative, the bright lights and big songs were a treat. 

The opening scene was an immeasurable help, painting the scene of the futuristic year 2350 on planet Earth, now known as iPlanet (fitting much?). A corporation called GlobalSoft has taken over and banned music and all independent thought (sound familiar?). Fortunately, there is one individual who intrinsically knows there must be something MORE (he is, The Chosen One), and lands himself with a group of rag tag ‘Bohemians’ in rebellion – with his woman of course because behind every great man is a great woman.

The thought provoking theme this musical surfaced was a critical element to the show’s substance. Making music? Forbidden. Friendship and individuality? Illegal. Everyone must dress, think and act the same.

Follow the rules of the powers that be and no harm will come to you. Our world is seemingly obsessed with ‘what if?’ – the notion that conformity and uniformity are aligned to ‘a perfect world’.

This is a recurring theme of many popular books and movies you are likely familiar (and obsessed) with. What struck me as absolutely unique about We Will Rock You is the endless wit laced throughout every line. This musical doesn’t take itself too seriously and is the first to mock well…EVERYTHING. What it does take seriously however is the attention to detail of every costume and character. It was extremely easy to catch on to the plot and immerse myself in the underlying story amidst the vibrant and catchy songs.

For those of you, like me, who are not familiar with rock music and the varied hits of Queen and Ben Elton, the humour will carry you through this performance. I couldn’t help but laugh at the obvious mockery and dry humour that set this performance apart.

The show has been a huge hit since it debuted in London in 2002. It won the award for Most Popular show in 2011 (British theatre's answer to the Oscars), played over 3,600 performances in the UK (with over 3,600 standing ovations!), sold over 6 million tickets in the UK alone, and over 16 million tickets. Luckily for us, it's now playing in Melbourne before touring Adelaide and Perth in Australia. The show is suitable for the ages 13 and over and you can purchase tickets right here.

love lawstore xx