Summer is all about long days, ice cream and keeping cool effortlessly.

Putting together an outfit should be no harder than throwing on something light and easy to wear, cue three of my favourite summer pieces; the romper, the flirty dress and flowy pants. Here are my summer looks from

The romper is the ideal summer piece. Easy to thrown on for a day out, it's a timeless piece that screams take me to the beach, especially in the nautical tones of this Tularosa Amelia Romper.

This flirty LBD, the LPA Dress 5, is the perfect wardrobe staple for transitioning between long days in the sun to a night out on the town. I've never known a more versatile piece! Light ruffles paired with the off-the-shoulder keep it that bit fun and oh so gorgeous! 

These Drew Pants by NBD with gold detailing and thigh-high slits are my obsession. They are the ultimate in chic, easily making any outfit look like you got all dressed up but we all know the real truth! 

My only wish... for summer to never end!

love lawstore xx

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