Dinner at Ate One Ate began as all such affairs should, with cocktails. 

Cheers, to what would be a beautiful dining experience that ticked every box from ambience to service and of course, food.

Warmly greeted, with engaged and humorous dialogue throughout the evening, the service at Ate One Ate is notable for a venue this size. Given its spacious 180-seating capacity, Ate One Ate has the potential to come across as a large dining hall but due to it's thoughtful interior combined with excellent service, it maintains a refined state of fine dining meets your local trendy eatery.

When you think Ate One Ate, think interior decor that has been artfully pondered and brilliantly executed. 

I for one am impartial to the blending of textures and tones, of which, Ate One Ate, Hawthorn's latest refined eatery, has hit the mark. 

Knowing that we eat with our eyes but even moreso recognise that dining is and very well should be a truly sensory experience, the space captures you upon entry. With amixture of wood panelling walls to dark glossy marble and leather banquettes mixed in with eggshell blue chairs, you can't help but admire modern day luxe with an edge of affable cool kid with such eclectic taste that couldn't quite settle on a single thing so went with it all.

Grilled octopus | Fish | Grilled Calamari & Fish

There was an abundance of fresh flavours throughout each course. The most remarkable was the blend of flavours through the grilled octopus which featured squid ink risotto with beetroot jellies. 

Chocolate ganache balls with cinnamon ice cream

*Caution: may contain extremely threatening explosive chocolate sauce

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