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Wearable art. Need I say more?

My first look, my first reaction, was quite literally.. a gasp. And now, for the exclusive collection launch, the opportunity to wear the Lente heel. The embodiment of Spring. Powder pink leather, intricate blooms hand-stitched, this feminine beauty and I are a perfect match. Needless to say that Spring is my favourite time of the year - days get longer, we emerge from our winter shells full of light and life, excited for what the sunshine has in store for us.

The Art of Style: when art and fashion collide, is a beautiful thing. The ability to adorn oneself with pieces creativity and inspiration. In this case, the heart and soul of one one Vincent Van Gogh. 

In celebration of the launch of the Art of Style at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast in the Garden Restaurant. Looking out to the lush, blooming grounds of NGV was decidedly fitting of the immersive journey we next embarked on, stepping into another world, Van Gogh's world. 

Four shoes to represent Van Gogh’s appreciation of the intricacies of each of the four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. If this collection by Wittner explores colour and texture, as is reminisce in the largest collection of Van Gogh artwork to ever land in Australia, then the gallery exhibition is well-worth the visit to immerse yourself in the thoughts and brushstrokes of Van Gogh's artisitic genius. 

Photo credit: @streetsmith