I've always said that the most important thing you can wear is your smile. 

It's a reflection of your emotions. 

It's one thing that can make someone's day. 

It's a big thing where little things matter. 

Smile, and smile often.

Life's too short to not be smiling and laughing your way through it.

Until recently, I've looked after my teeth the good old fashioned way - with a typical no-frills non-electric toothbrush. But in a world of digital everything... why not help your best asset every way possible? I know I'm late to the game because electric toothbrushes have been around for...well, seemingly forever...however the moment I came across the Foreo Issa, I knew it was something I need in my life - doesn't hurt that it matches my Foreo skincare collection (everything is pink and purple!). 

The Foreo Issa is a sonic electric toothbrush which means it gently pulses when I brush my teeth. The silicone bristles are soft and comfortable against my teeth and gums and it has made a world of difference in how I feel about my teeth.

It takes the slightest bit of getting accustomed to as you brush your teeth with electronic pulsations. The end result is that I feel like my teeth are cleaner and shinier. I haven't been doing any teeth whitening treatments in the last few months while starting my relationship with my Foreo Issa however I've found they are brighter and whiter! Maybe it's all in my head however I'm genuinely enjoying the punishment of a timed brush, no more cheating how long two minutes really feels like!!

Whilst the Foreo products in this post are gifted from Shaver Shop, all writing and opinions are MY OWN! I wouldn't be raving about my Foreo Issa to everyone that will listen if I didn't truly love it and use it myself. And don't forget to floss! 
love, x