Life's an adventure. Escape with me. Time to explore. 

Little phrases that get my heart beating that little bit faster. 

While the dreamer in me would always love to be on adventure, the realist in me knows that 24/7 vacation is always possible, for right now. Regardless, there's always time and opportunity to make an adventure of the weekend. 

My most recent winery love is Willow Creek Winery, a property which now houses the acclaimed Jackalope hotel in Victoria's wine region, Mornington Peninsula. So I know, I know what you're thinking. I'm CONSTANTLY raving about an amaaaaazing winery I've jUST been to. But that's all part of the beauty of living in this incredible country - wine country! Victoria is home to some of the most stunning vineyards, the kinds that actually want you to drop in, make yourself at home, have glass or two and indulge in finest local produce. So of late, my Insta-game led me to discover the beautiful Jackalope, boutique hotel which upon further investigation, I discovered doesn't just stop at luxury accommodation. It's a bit of a culture immersion trip this one. Alongside the hotel, the extend of the modern architecture extension to existing grounds sees two restaurants and a cocktail bar addition. Doot Doot Doot, the formal dining restaurant, and Flaggerdoot cocktail bar sit within the hotel premises and is beautifully eccentric, art deco meets modern I-can't-quite-identify-that-object wildebeast. 

Rare Hare on the other hand, sits in an adjacent building that maintains the rustic, woodsy feel of the original brick farmhouse, albeit one that has been transported to modern day. With the bold accents including log fireplace and wood-fire oven along with floor to ceiling glass wraparound windows overlooking endless vines, this is no typical casual eatery. My advice is to go with a small group like we did as a group of four, and order a bit of everything. There are small sample plates and then the fuller staple plates. My one condition for dining at Rare Hare, you absolutely cannot NOT get the duck. Coated in five spices and cooked so tender that it falls off the bone, this is the perfect share dish, though trust me when I say you will not want to share this one!