Modern Australian, Asian influences... and possibly some of my favorite dishes on record!

When you enter JAMU, the deep woody and polished brass setting gives the space an air of refined class and dark beauty. Yet you're instantly at ease as you enter and spy each table set in simple and relaxed linen and ceramics. JAMU is something unique - not quite the hustle of Bridge Road but not far either, not quite fine dining but you know you can expect thought-out, well-presented dishes that don't skimp on quality.

I thought it an interesting name for a restaurant so I had to do a little Google search to understand more. The word 'JAMU' means feast in Malay (I should probably know this because I'm Malaysian and my main sport is feasting). And it's so fitting for this menu which your best strategy would be to order EVERYTHING and share it all. I would have been devastated to have missed even one dish but I do have to place special emphasis on how great the entrees are. The Kingfish Ceviche in particular is one of the best I've tried and works particularly well with the surprisingly crunchy cracker - the mix of textures makes for the perfect combination. It seems to be a theme of the evening as the raw beef, most often known as beef tartare, was a completely new eating experience for me when served in the JAMU-style of mixing it up with the puffed rice cracker. Again the texture was completely altered and made for a brilliant sensory experience. 

When it comes to food, I think photos speak for themselves...


Dishes of the night:

Hiramasa King Fish Ceviche

Raw Beef with Smoked egg and puffed rice

Crispy Eggplant

Soft Shell Crab - Singapore Chilli Crab style complete with mantou buns

Roast Bendigo Chook with pickled heirloom carrots

Milo Sorbet with chocolate custard and milk granita

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